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Jun 21, 2018 Economy Interactive

Charting General Electric's Fall from Grace

General Electric Most Admired Companies Feature Image1
Jun 17, 2018 Culture Interactive

Yes, Female Writers Produce Funny Television.

Female Comedy Writers Feature Image
Jun 12, 2018 Sports

The 2018 NBA Finals were Historically Good and Bad

2018 Nba Finals Were Historically Good And Bad
Jan 2018 Public Health

Estimating the Number of Homeless in America

Homelessness In America
Jun 05, 2018 Politics Interactive

A Look at Refugee Statistics

Refugee Counts Worldwide
Mar 2018 Economy Interactive

What's the Deal with Parental Leave in America?

Maternity Parental Leave Policies Feature 2
Mar 2018 Culture Commissioned

Which Popular TV Show Is for You?

Best Tv Shows Currently On Air
Mar 2018 Culture Interactive

When Do Actors and Actresses Reach Their Oscar-Winning Prime?

Oscar Viz Feature Img
Feb 2018 Education Interactive

Exploring the World of TED

Ted Image
Feb 2018 Politics Interactive

Escaping the Echo Chamber

Echo Chambers Feature Image
Jan 2018 Culture Interactive

Memes: A 2017 Year in Review

Memes Desktop
Mar 2018 Economy

A Look at Gun Sales by State

Us Gun Sales Feature Image
Dec 2017 Education

Assessing the ROI of a College Education

School Salary Feature Image
Nov 2017 Politics

Here's What American Voters Actually Care About

Voter Survey Results
Dec 2017 Culture

Female Empowerment in Game of Thrones

Game Of Thones Gender
Dec 2017 Culture Interactive

The Best Christmas Movies, Ranked

Christmas Themed Movies
Nov 2017 Sports Interactive

Charting the Careers of the NFL's Greatest Pass Catchers

Nfl Receptions
Nov 2017 Economy

The U.S. is Shifting to Natural Gas for Electricity

Energy Source Trends
Nov 2017 Economy

A Survey of Diversity within Fortune 500 Companies

Fortune 500 Diversity
Oct 2017 Technology

Where do America's Drone Hobbyists Live?

Drones Map
Oct 2017 Economy

Real Estate Listings Sold Fast in September

Real Estate Feature Img
Apr 2017 Sports Interactive

The History of the Final Four, Visualized

Final Four Feature Img
Feb 2017 Politics Interactive

34 Percent of Articles about Trump Now Mention His Twitter Activity

Twitter Collage
Dec 2016 Politics Interactive Commissioned

What Can Data from Good Judgment Open Tell Us About the 2016 Election?

Good Judgment Feature Img
Oct 2016 Politics Interactive

Tracking Twitter’s Reaction to the Presidential Debates

Twitter Tracker Feature Img
Sep 2016 Culture Interactive

The Evolution of Music Genre Popularity

Genre Lifecyle Feature Img
Aug 2016 Politics Interactive

Trump and the Media: A Text Analysis

Liberal Vs  Conservative

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