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Announcing our data visualization newsletter: Data & Eggs

Dear Reader,

We live in a time when — fair or not — the media’s credibility within the American public is eroding. Buoyed by reports of “fake news” and politically motivated reporting, we’re losing faith in journalism. But within this environment, some media outlets are stepping up to the plate. They’re stemming the tide by relying heavily on data to guide their investigations and craft the narrative. We want to highlight the best examples of this sort of work.

Every Monday morning, we’ll curate a list of our favorite data-driven stories from the prior week in a newsletter we’re dubbing “Data & Eggs”. Don’t worry, it won’t be overly technical — just a few examples of where traditional journalism has incorporated and benefitted from data. The articles we choose will span a variety of topics — music, politics, sports — but be unified by their reliance on rich visualizations and interactivity to enlighten the reader.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready for awesome content from the world of data journalism, delivered to your inbox. We promise it’ll be worth it.

-The DataFace Team

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