We're The DataFace: a digital agency working at the intersection of data science, journalism, and information design. We help brands and non-profits create impactful, data-driven research from concept to code.

Interactive Stories

Create engaging, data-driven stories to hit your PR, content, and marketing goals.


Launch digital experiences that serve as beautiful, brand-defining assets.

Visual Reports

Inject stunning visuals into your annual reports, marketing materials, and more.

Data Strategy

Guidance and strategy to make your data more approachable, user-friendly, and persuasive.

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Who we are

We’re a small team with broad experience across analytics, graphic design, and web development.

Jack Beckwith

Founder & Creative Director

Jack is a data scientist and entrepreneur, who founded The DataFace in 2017. He’s worked in analytics at Slice Intelligence, a San Mateo-based market research firm, Major League Baseball, and The Wharton School. He’s a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

San Francisco, CA

Michael Hester

Partner & Technology Director

Michael is a partner at The DataFace, where he’s overseen 30+ projects involving web development and complex data viz since 2018. Previously, Michael worked as a Senior Implementations Analyst at Medallia. He’s a graduate of UC Berkeley.

San Francisco, CA

Sam Vickars

Design Manager

Sam is the fearless leader of The DataFace’s design team, helping us refine our design process and craft amazing outputs for our clients. He earned his Masters of Science in Data Visualization from Parsons School of Design in New York City.

Vancouver, BC

Aria Todd

Visual Designer

Aria is a former fashion designer, who transitioned into the world of digital design in 2021. She’s since developed a keen eye for user experience and accessible design, which she applies to her work for The DataFace. She’s passionate about equity, sustainability, and social impact.

New York, NY

Sawyer Click

Senior Data Viz Developer

Sawyer is a Javascript wizard. He comes from the world of journalism, where he worked as a newsroom developer for media outlets like Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal, and NBC News. Sawyer received his M.S. in Data Journalism from Columbia University.

Austin, TX

Arjun Kakkar

Senior Developer

Arjun is our resident statistician, who spends his days building websites and data pipelines. His previous work as an interactives developer has been featured in places like POLITICO, The Pudding, and NJ Advance Media. He graduated from Williams College with his B.A. in math.

Los Angeles, CA

Maritza Hernandez

Senior Designer

Maritza is a maestro at balancing research, business goals, and design principles. She serves as the creative force behind many of the websites, reports, and motion graphics that we produce for clients. Maritza a graduate of UPenn’s design program.

Berkeley, CA

Lesley Huang

Data Viz Developer

Lesley joined our team in early 2024, bringing a wealth of knowledge about designing and coding interactive visualizations. Since graduating from Cornell, Lesley has worked at Hearst DevHub and as an Android developer at Twitch and Square.

Brooklyn, NY