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Welcome to the inaugural edition of our “Data & Eggs” newsletter! So glad you could join us. We’ve created this newsletter with one goal in mind: to collect the very best pieces of data journalism from across the web and offer them in a consumable way. We’ll include articles on a range of topics, but only those that put data and visualization at the fore. 

If you have feedback for us as we’re getting this thing off the ground, feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected].

What We're Cooking Up

Highway Night Traffic Light 62654

Traffic fatalities increased 7% in 2015 according to data from National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA). In response, we’re building an interactive tool using Google Maps to help readers understand the roadways on which lives are being lost. Look for a new post from us mid-week.

Our Favorite Stuff

Music Festival

Summer is the time for music festivals, but general admission passes don’t come cheap. With three-day tickets for the biggest festivals hovering around $400, Pitchfork helps you see if you’re getting your money’s worth. Two members of the Pitchfork team dug into the data to find out which festivals are putting on the summer’s most unique shows.

Sampling Beers In Style At Spinnakers

Here’s a good source of bar trivia. The Pudding’s Russell Goldenberg collected data on over 1,600 breweries from to find the cities and states that were excelling in the craft beer game. Spoiler: residents of Santa Rosa, CA have something to brag about.

Trump Tax

Having a tough time keeping this whole Russia investigation straight? Us too. That’s why a few talented people over at The Washington Post visualized all the connections between Trump’s confidants and various Russian magnates. Keep this one handy, because The Post has been updating it as new details emerge.