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100 Donations

Several Democratic candidates made splashy headlines after raising millions within a day of announcing their presidential bid. But what about in the weeks and months afterwards? This analysis from FiveThirtyEight breaks down how the Democractic field fared in the first quarter. It’s part of a collaboration between FiveThirtyEight and the Center for Public Integrity focused on tracking candidate fundraising.

100 Eu

At the start of 2018, Hungary redrew its regional borders to separate its capital, Budapest, from the surrounding area. Its incentive for doing so? To ensure that the area around Budapest continues to be classified as a less economically developed region by the European Union. Keeping that designation means more “catch up” funding from the EU for infrastructure, schools, and hospitals.

100 Notre

Notre-Dame, Paris’ treasured cathedral, tragically burst into flames last Monday. After burning for nearly 15 hours, the spire and most of the roof were ultimately destroyed in the fire. This 3D rendering from The New York Times reveals how the fire spread, and why it may have been preventable.

100 Mueller

Mueller’s 448 page report was released to the public last week, and instantly became a best-seller. While most Americans may already be familiar with what’s included in the report, there’s potentially plenty more to learn from what was excluded. WaPo’s team analyzed its 900 redactions to try to better understand why so much of the report was kept secret.