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131 Travel

Looking to plan your next road trip across the United States? This project from Geotab may help. It looks at the quietest highways in each state, calculated using the latest traffic count data from the Highway Performance Monitoring System. They also compiled a list of the ten most scenic routes in collaboration with James Q. Martin, a landscape photographer.

131 Work

Some days we feel under the weather, or a bit distracted, but go to work anyway. This phenomenon is called “presenteeism”, and can cause us to lose around 35 productive days worth of work each year. And the problem is getting worse according to new survey data — five years ago, only 20 productive days were being lost.

131 China

China is the second-largest producer of municipal solid waste (MSW) in the world, trailing only the United States. And rapid urbanization has led many landfills across China to reach capacity faster than expected, forcing the government to focus on recycling programs. These programs have been met with mixed reactions, especially in Shanghai, where some citizens claim the sorting system is needlessly complex.

131 Primaries

Most public opinion polls for the 2020 presidential election are standard “horse-race” polls — they ask about your favorite candidate or the candidate that you plan to vote for, but no more. Swayable took a different approach, asking several thousand respondents to rank their preferences in the Democratic field. In this way, they were able to get a sense of how people might reallocate their votes as the field narrows.