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Over the last several weeks, Americans’ support for the Black Lives Matter movement has increased substantially. Polling data from Civiqs shows that net support for BLM stands at +28, as voters across the political, educational, and racial spectrum have shifted in the direction of supporting the movement. It’s a noticeable change even from early 2018, when net support for BLM was actually negative.

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In the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder, protestors in Washington D.C. created a makeshift art gallery to show their support. Hundreds of feet of chain-link fence in front of the White House have been covered by a sea of handmade signs calling for equality in America. This Washington Post piece allows you to walk alongside the fence and take in the powerful messages for yourself.

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Researchers across the world are racing to find a coronavirus vaccine by next year. There are 135 vaccines already under development, including two that are in the midst of large-scale efficacy tests. This tracker from The New York Times highlights a few of the most promising early candidates.

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The 2020 U.S. presidential election is still months away, but it’s time for some early forecasts. Last week, The Economist released their interactive election tracker, which currently predicts a Biden victory. And for those who want to dig into the data, they made their modeling code open to the public.