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COVID-19 has tested businesses across the US, especially in the restaurant and food industry. But according to the Q3 Yelp Economic Average report, there are mounting reasons to be optimistic. New restaurants and food businesses are now opening at a rate more in line with 2018 and 2019, while consumers are searching more and more for outdoor experiences.

Our Favorite Stuff

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The Parametric Press, an interactive digital magazine, released its second edition this week with five pieces on the climate. Each tackles a different topic related to the environment, from major corporations behind climate change to the hidden cost of our digital consumption, and is filled with top-notch data viz.

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The aesthetics of an era have a lot to do with how we view history. When we look at photos, we’re often dating them using context clues like clothing, faces, or color. The Pudding created another quiz-based experiment to test how color does or doesn’t affect our perception of time in a photograph.

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Fueled by the driest air in decades and temperatures up to 30 degrees above average, 2020 was California’s worst fire season on record. In this visual narrative, The Washington Post looks at one deadly wildfire in a small town in Northern California and how extreme weather is happening more frequently in our changing climate.

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The U.S. election is just 11 days away, with several battleground states still up for grabs. FiveThirtyEight created a tool to easily see the various paths Trump and Biden have to win the election. Make your own predictions for who you think will win each state, see who the winner would be, and share your guesses with friends for bragging rights after the election.