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178 trends

Which topics capture the attention of Americans during election years? And how is 2020 different from other election cycles? This collaboration between Google News Initiative and Truth & Beauty looks to answer those questions using Google search data. The project explores the hidden patterns in search terms and examines the interests and concerns of Americans in the months leading up to elections.

178 covid

As the pandemic remains a major part of our daily lives, knowing how to stay safe in everyday situations is crucial. This visual explainer from El País is one of the clearest examples we’ve seen on how to navigate the new normal. It shows how exactly coronavirus spreads in social gatherings, bars, and classrooms, and what you can do to protect yourself. Wear a mask!

178 novote

In this year’s election, both parties have been pushing to get Americans to vote. Just under 60% of the eligible population submitted a ballot last election, leaving much of the country unrepresented. But why? FiveThirtyEight surveyed voters across demographics to better understand the reasons that millions of Americans do not vote each year.

178 philly

Public data on civilian complaints against officers is rare among American police departments, and those complaints rarely result in consequences for officers. In this visual essay with The Pudding, Sam Learner uses data from the City of Philadelphia’s Open Data Portal to examine how police complaints are handled (and often discarded) in Philadelphia.