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179 winds

Joe Biden may not have seen the nationwide show of support that Democrats hoped for, but he reversed the political winds in enough key places to shift the election in his favor. In this story, The Washington Post maps political shifts and changes in voter turnout from 2016 to see how they affected the 2020 presidential election.

179 florida

Florida remained a crucial battleground state in this election, with many pollsters predicting the race to be a toss-up. But similar to 2016, Donald Trump won the state -- and by a much wider margin than before. This deep dive on the state’s results unearths how the president grew his support in Florida, most notably amongst Cuban-American voters.

179 covid

Covid-19 was an important topic throughout 2020 for both presidential campaigns, but the latest results indicate the pandemic may not have impacted support for Donald Trump as much as expected. This article from Bloomberg compares election results across the US to Covid-19 death rates.

179 supreme

Regardless of the presidential election’s outcome, President Trump’s impact on the American court system will live on for years. Trump nominated three Supreme Court justices during his tenure and appointed over 200 other federal judges. And given that his appointees are four years younger than the average appointee, they could be poised to serve for decades to come.