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180 trump

We now know that Joe Biden won the popular vote in the 2020 Presidential Election by more than 5 million votes. Even so, support for President Donald Trump remained strong in many places that voted for him four years ago. This New York Times piece visualizes voting patterns for counties that supported Trump in 2016.

180 biden

Joe Biden’s victory hinged primarily on flipping Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, key swing states that Trump won in 2020. A variety of demographic factors helped him — large metro counties broke more for Biden than Hillary Clinton, as did college-educated people and younger voters. It’s those demographic trends, in part, that helped produce record turnout this year.

180 predictions

With the NFL reaching its halfway point, it’s time for some postseason predictions. The New York Times just did a facelift of their tried-and-true playoff odds calculator, which simulates potential outcomes for the rest of the season. Choose your team, predict the outcome of their remaining games, and see whether they’re expected to make the cut.

180 zoo

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! The activities of hundreds of zoo animals all over the world are live-streamed online everyday. This project from The Pudding generates short clips from those streams throughout the day, curating them into a delightful bit of joyscrolling they’re calling the Cloud Zoo.