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As Pfizer, Moderna, and other pharmaceutical companies seek final approval for their coronavirus vaccines, countries around the world are striking deals to secure vaccine access. Strategies for securing vaccines vary widely; some countries like Canada and Britain are working with a variety of manufacturers, while Russia and China are relying solely on domestically produced vaccines. Bloomberg is tracking vaccine deals across the globe.

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Even as several vaccines inch closer to government approval, it still may be months before average Americans can get vaccinated. That’s because vaccines will likely be allotted for certain groups first, including health care workers, first responders, and those with health risks. This tool from The New York Times estimates how many people may be in line ahead of you for the vaccine based on a few personal details.

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Ever notice that women’s running shoes tend to come in pinks and purples, while men’s shoes tend to come in reds and blues? In this analysis, Lindsey Poulter and Hesham Eissa dig deep into data from 213 retailers to see if these gender stereotypes really hold true. Turns out that there’s not only a difference in terms of color, but also the exact shade and lightness.

Displaced in Yemen World Affairs

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Six years of conflict in Yemen has left much of the population in need of humanitarian assistance and protection. More than 3.6 million people have been internally displaced by the fighting, including at least 158,000 in 2020. This article from The Centre for Humanitarian Data follows the struggle of one family from Al Hudaydah City as they travel 450+ kilometers in search of safety.