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189 speech

Last Wednesday, Joe Biden delivered a stirring speech after being inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States. The Washington Post tracked the unique words Biden used in his inauguration speech to the nation, including a few downbeat ones like pandemic, joblessness, and extremism. But it also incorporated many words of hope and optimism.

189 trump

From “Trump Triumphs” to “Trump incites mob”, the former president’s name appeared in almost 2,000 front page New York Times headlines between the time he was elected and the time he left office. When pieced together in this digital collage, those headlines paint a picture of the legacy he leaves behind.

189 congress

Until 1965, all women elected to Congress were white. But now, as the 117th Congress is set and Kamala Harris has become the first Black and South Asian American to serve as Vice President, more women of color are serving than ever before. Professor Wendy Smooth examines the changing landscape and what progress still needs to be made.

189 pandemic

Since January 2020, the pandemic has dominated the global conversation. This interactive project analyzes those conversations, through random samples of Tweets, to reveal the wide range of emotions we’ve felt and topics we’ve discussed over the last year. It updates each day with new insights to track how our conversations continue to evolve in regards to the pandemic.