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192 vaccine

Back in December, Joe Biden promised to deliver 100 million vaccination shots in his first 100 days as president. Only one month into his term, the United States is already on track to beat that mark and administer 1.5 million vaccines per day. But even at that rate, vaccinating the whole population would take until early next year. This piece outlines why Biden may need to set even loftier goals to avoid more setbacks in returning to normal.

192 unemployment

The unemployment rate in the U.S. has remained high throughout the pandemic. That’s overwhelmed America’s unemployment system with new claims, leaving many without adequate support from the government. As a result, more people are depending on Reddit to find answers to their unemployment questions.

192 execution

The Marshall Project has tracked every execution in America over the last five years, aiming to provide a better understanding of how courts and prisons dispense their most severe punishment. They found that the path to death for the convicted has become longer and meandering, often because of appeals and delays to their death dates.

192 alibaba

An online scandal involving an Alibaba executive emerged last Spring, but stories on it were suddenly wiped from the internet overnight. Many individuals speculated that Jack Ma, Alibaba’s CEO who has a stake in many Chinese media companies, was behind the story’s disappearance. Now, officials are concerned that Ma’s influence has grown too large.