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Mapping the Winter Storm’s Impact Environment $ (Possible Paywall)

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Freezing cold temperatures paralyzed the United States last week, with some places experiencing lows that haven’t been reached in over a century. In Texas, the situation has been dire, with more than 4.5 million homes and businesses left without power last Monday. This piece from The New York Times maps the devastating effects that Texas and other areas of the country felt last week.

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Major League Baseball is reshaping the minor leagues in a push to modernize its development pipeline. When this year’s Minor League Baseball season starts, there will be 25% fewer teams than there were last year. Check out this interactive from Axios to see where it will be harder to watch America’s favorite pastime this summer.

193 mars

On Thursday, NASA landed its most advanced rover yet on the surface of Mars. The rover, named Perseverance, will patrol the red planet in search of life — a mission that will cost an estimated $3 billion. The Washington Post breaks down the complex, nerve-wracking steps involved in executing the mission.

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Some 50 billion tons of sand are extracted from lakes, riverbeds, and coastlines every year, making it the planet’s most mined material. It’s a key component of the concrete, glass, and tarmac needed to build the world’s cities, and a 21st century construction boom in developing countries is driving unregulated sand mining. This visual story from Reuters dives into the messy business of mining sand and its long-lasting effects.

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Here’s a cool resource that gives incredible access to Wikipedia data. Just type in any person, place, or phrase — from Taylor Swift to Taylor, Michigan — and see how Wikipedia have trended across weeks, months, and years.