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What Are the Vaccine Roadblocks Where You Live? Public Health $ (Possible Paywall)

194 rollout

While 45 million Americans have received at least their first dose of a Covid vaccine, the rollout has been far from seamless. Why hasn’t it gone smoothly? The New York Times team outlines what roadblocks might be making the vaccination process slower in your area.

194 baseball

The more than 3,000 men who played in Negro Leagues between 1920 and 1948 have long been denied the fame of their white counterparts. But in 2021, Major League Baseball is finally giving these men recognition by including stats from the Negro Leagues in the official MLB record books. FiveThirtyEight explores who these men are and what their accomplishments mean for baseball’s expansive history.

194 office

While some are enjoying remote work life, others can’t wait to return to the office. Unfortunately, the office we eventually go back to may differ from the one we left last year. Based on predictions from experts on workplaces, Reuters produced a game to simulate what a day at work might look like going forward.

194 flood

According to recent analysis by First Street Foundation, nearly four-and-a-half million homes have severe risk of flooding in America. But homeowners are woefully unprepared. Bloomberg explains how inadequate many homeowners’ flood insurance really is and how its cost needs to increase to prepare for the future.