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195 bat

As the World Health Organization continues its investigation of the origins of COVID-19, all signs point to bats as the initial host. This story from Reuters examines why bats make ideal hosts for disease-causing viruses, and why their conservation is still vital to our ecosystems.

195 climate

Subtle shifts in the currents of the Atlantic Ocean could have devastating effects throughout the world, warns this piece from The New York Times. Venture across the globe, and under the ocean’s surface, in this 3D walkthrough to understand how and why the Gulf Stream’s tides are dangerously shifting.

195 blast

It’s hard to put the destruction of a nuclear bomb into perspective, but this piece is a good start. Enter your location to watch a (virtual) nuclear bomb go off in your backyard, and see its impact from shock radius to fatality count.

195 ufo

Earlier this year, the CIA quietly released a dataset of every (supposed) UFO sighting to date. This site explores every observation over the last four years, including witness testimonials, and maps where sightings most commonly occur.