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What happens when the world’s most sophisticated A.I. writes a love story? It’s shockingly good. This visual essay from The Pudding uses GPT-3, the largest publicly-available language model to date, to fill in the gaps of a love story and come up with various twists, turns, and endings.

Who’s Next in Your State’s Vaccine Line? Public Health $ (Possible Paywall)

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As the vaccine rollout continues, Americans are finding that where they live directly impacts when they can actually receive the shot. In California, grocery workers have been prioritized; in Ohio, they will be part of the last phase. Read how your state has determined its vaccine line, and when you can expect to be eligible.

196 hongkong

Beijing has increasingly exerted its influence over Hong Kong in recent years, and it shows. Changes to its skyline and physical landscape can be seen throughout the city in many prominent places. This piece from Bloomberg walks us through the most glaring examples of China’s growing hold.

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Electric cars continue to gain popularity in America, with some car manufacturers promising fully electric fleets in the next decade. This change will reduce income from gas taxes, which fund the construction and maintenance of our states’ roads. Policymakers are proposing a new law to make up for the missing funds, which would tax drivers by the mile.