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197 partisan

Most of us have a pretty good feel for the broad outlines of the U.S.’s partisan divide. Republicans tend to live in Southern or Plain states; Democrats tend to congregate in metros along the East and West coasts. But when you zoom in further -- say, to the neighborhood level -- these partisan divides tend to exist in ways we may not expect. This article from The Upshot shows how segregated Democrats and Republicans are from one another, even within the same cities and neighborhoods.

197 blm

In light of last year’s protests against racial injustice, many brands in the fashion industry promised to do better. But an analysis by Quartz shows that, at least according to the diversity of skin tones in 34 brands’ Instagram feeds, not too much has changed. Many brands did increase the diversity of their models after June 1, but only by a marginal amount.

197 buzzer

Three days into this year’s NCAA Tournament and we’ve already had a slew of close games and clutch performances. But nothing yet compares to these 37 game-winning buzzer-beaters, which represent some of March Madness’s most memorable moments. From Christian Laettner’s turnaround to Kris Jenkins’s dagger, The Washington Post runs through them all.

197 trump

Several months removed from his time in the White House, former president Donald Trump is facing enormous challenges within his business empire. The pandemic, in particular, has walloped his commercial real estate holdings, which account for about three-fourths of his net worth. Still, Trump has bounced back before. Bloomberg documents the current value of Trump’s main businesses and assets.