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The recent data revolution has turned data into a powerful resource with the potential to improve lives and help end poverty. But how can we make sure that it’s used for good? The latest version of the World Development Report outlines how we can use data to ensure no one gets left behind.

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As vaccines continue to be distributed across the globe, Reuters’ tracker has become our favorite resource for keeping tabs on the progress. Filled with beautiful interactive charts and maps, their new site makes it easy to stay up-to-date on which countries are succeeding in their vaccine rollout, and which are falling behind.

198 spaces

Adapting public spaces and urban design played a key role in responding to the pandemic. This visual story from South China Morning Post examines how it’s altered the look of homes, workplaces, hospitals, and airports now and in the future.

198 bob

This year is off to a challenging start, so here’s a project to help you relax. Connor Rothschild created a virtual art gallery of 403 Bob Ross paintings to get lost in, as well as some smooth interactive visualizations that explore the artist’s go-to color palettes.