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203 steph

Steph Curry is on a tear. The Warrior’s two-time MVP elevated his play to even greater heights in April, obliterating the NBA record for most three-pointers in a single month. And that’s all while defenses have increasingly moved further and further away from the basket to guard him. The Washington Post breaks down Curry’s gaudy numbers in the month of April.

203 green

President Biden is pushing towards a U.S. economy that’s carbon-free by 2050. But to do so, he’s going to need a lot of land. Wind farms, solar installations, and other clean energy sources take up far more space on a per-watt basis than fossil fuels. Estimates by Bloomberg and Princeton University suggest that the U.S. will need land the size of four South Dakotas to develop enough clean energy to underpin the entire economy.

203 glacier

As global warming takes its toll, glaciers across the globe are starting to melt at an ever-increasing pace. Using data from Global Land Ice Measurements from Space (Glims), The Guardian created an interactive database of the 90 largest and best surveyed glaciers in the world. Watch how glaciers from Alaska to the Andes have melted over the past 50 years.

203 mega

The world’s 100 most populous cities currently account for roughly one-fifth of global carbon emissions. That means megacities, in particular — or cities with more than 10 million residents — will have to lead the charge in combating climate change. MIT Technology Review looks at how global population trends and the rise of megacities could affect our climate long-term.