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Anti-Asian racism has spiked since the start of the pandemic. LAAUNCH, a new initiative focused on stopping Asian hate, conducted the first study of its kind in 20 years to assess current attitudes and stereotypes towards Asian Americans in the United States. We partnered with their team to conduct analysis and design a report that highlights the most important findings. Stay tuned for an interactive version coming soon.

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With the results of the latest Census now public, we can have a look at broader, decades-long migration patterns within the U.S. In general, most states in the West and Southwest have seen their population rank increase over the past 100 years, with states like Washington, Nevada, and Arizona seeing among the biggest jumps. Meanwhile, every state in the Midwest has seen their population slip since 1920. The Washington Post digs into the data.

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As the pace of vaccination slows in the U.S., much of the media coverage has focused on Americans who are skeptical of the COVID vaccine. But it turns out that an even bigger group of Americans — some 30 million according to a new U.S. census estimate — are open to getting the vaccine, but just haven’t managed to actually do so. Those people tend to live in more vulnerable communities, where household income is lower, work schedules are less flexible, and public transportation may be less accessible.

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Last week, Campaign Zero released one of the largest databases on policing in America, covering over 16,000 municipal and county law enforcement agencies. Their Police Scorecard allows you to compare your local police department on factors such as funding and accountability to see how it stacks up against the rest of the country.

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When vloggers kick off a new video, how do they typically welcome their fans? Do they say “what’s up”? “Good morning”? Something else? The Culture & Trends team at YouTube parsed audio captions from over one million videos to find out. Their analysis suggests that variations of “hey guys” are the gold standard, accounting for 36% of the top five greetings.