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208 homes

The recent housing boom in the U.S. has created more demand for homes than builders and suppliers can handle. As a result, the price of materials that go into building a home have skyrocketed across the board — the price of lumber has nearly quadrupled since 2019 alone. Bloomberg examines these soaring costs and their impact on home prices.

208 minority

One of the key findings from the analysis we worked on with LAAUNCH was that Asian Americans are still perceived as the “model minority” in America. NPR’s team debunked that perception in their recent piece, using six charts to prove how Asian Americans face the same obstacles as other minorities.

208 help

Many people turn to Google when asking for help. And during the pandemic, it felt like many of us were searching for advice on issues like mental health more than ever. But this analysis of Google Trends data shows that we’ve always been wrestling with these issues, even though fewer people were talking about them.

208 tax

President Biden’s recently proposed plan would increase federal spending to its highest level in modern history. To pay for it, he’s planning to raise tax rates for corporations and the U.S.’s wealthiest individuals. Reuter’s breaks down the ins and outs of the President’s plan and its tax implications for America’s 1%.