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As day four of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo officially wraps up, over 70 gold medals have already been awarded. So which countries are leading the medal count? Bloomberg created a nice interface to track all the action, where you can view the results by day and by sport. The tracker will be updated regularly until the conclusion of the Olympic Games, on August 8th.

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As the Delta variant spreads across the globe, governments are ramping up efforts to vaccinate their people. A renewed vaccination campaign in Israel, for instance, is urging teenagers to get the shot in an effort to finally vaccinate 70% of its population. Other countries like The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Spain are all vaccinating at their fastest speed to date. Still, some groups remain unmoved.

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K-pop, mainstream pop music from South Korea, has had major global success in recent years thanks to its catchy hooks, signature dance moves, and flashy videos. This piece from The Washington Post breaks down some of the most popular K-pop songs and their recipe for becoming international hits overnight.

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On June 3, the MLB made it known that they would be cracking down on pitchers using sticky substances to help them increase their spin rate. The average spin rate on pitches has dropped noticeably since then, resulting in lower strikeout rates, higher on-base percentages, and more walks. So which pitchers saw the most noticeable drop off?