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218 day

Ever wonder how the average American spent their day in 2020? FlowingData’s Nathan Yau breaks it down in one beautiful, detailed infographic using data from the American Time Use Survey. This 24-hour snapshot shows when Americans tend to wake up, take our lunch break, clock out of work, and unwind for the night.

Tracking Hurricane Ida’s Projected Path Environment $ (Possible Paywall)

218 ida

After gathering steam in the Gulf of Mexico last week, Hurricane Ida finally blasted ashore on Sunday as one of the most powerful storms in Louisiana history. The hurricane knocked out power across New Orleans, 16 years to the day since Hurricane Katrina pummeled the city. This tracker from Bloomberg shows the storm’s progress as it moves further inland.

218 hospital

Despite the federal government asking hospitals to publicly release prices for medical procedures, many have still refused to turn them over. And it’s clear why: the price of even basic services at a hospital can vary dramatically depending on your insurance. This piece from The New York Times reveals the staggering price disparity within hospitals across the country.

218 mortality

1 in 5 African Americans die earlier than they otherwise would if they were White. Many factors play a part in this disparity, but the healthcare system is a big one. In the Flexner Report, written in 1910, Abraham Flexner outlined why the medical community was failing Black people. Much has changed since then, but many of the problems still remain.

218 biomass

Our planet is home to over 8.7 billion species, a staggering number. This remarkable graphic from Visual Capitalist breaks down that incomprehensible diversity and visualizes the biomass of all life on Earth.