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219 bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin continue to gain traction, but their high energy costs have come under fire as of late. Currently, the Bitcoin network uses about the same amount of electricity as Washington state annually, and more than the country of Finland. The New York Times explains why Bitcoin requires so much electricity, and whether renewable energy sources are the answer.

219 spades

Spades is a fixture in African-America households, but the card game’s history and culture haven’t been documented much until now. Through interviews, data viz, and illustrations, Gabrielle Ione Hickmon put together this visually stunning record of the game’s past, present, and future.

219 employment

In 2020, nearly 54 million women across the world were knocked out of the workforce. The Washington Post examines the situation in three countries -- Peru, Thailand, and France -- to understand why the pandemic impacted the female labor force so harshly, and what can be done to ensure the gender gap in employment doesn’t grow even larger.

219 gaza

Israel and Hamas’ four wars over the last 13 years have left areas of Gaza in ruin. AP News visited one neighborhood to recount the endless cycle of death, destruction, and rebuilding they have endured for over a decade.