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224 gender

Even a tiny bit of gender bias can change the trajectory of a career. And this piece from The New York Times puts that into perspective. They simulated the promotion cycle at a company where females are undervalued even just 3 percent compared to males, and found that hardly any women would rise to the C-suite as a result.

223 housing

New York City’s residential real estate valuation market is broken. From opaque methods, hypothetical numbers and ‘bonkers’ adjustments, the property-tax burden disproportionately shifts toward middle- and working-class New Yorkers to foot the bill. With data rich storytelling and truth-telling visualizations, Bloomberg surfaces just what is really happening in the current real estate market; who benefits and who is getting the shaft?

223 gambling

Just how much are Australia’s political leaders funded by the gambling industry? Many, no matter their affiliation. In this ABC News Australia investigation, they uncover and link millions of dollars in donor money from gambling affiliates to prominent people in the political framework. More than a third of the money poured into the political system is “dark money”, which makes the source difficult to pinpoint.

223 bball

Three-point shots have completely taken over the NBA. But is that a good thing for the game of basketball? Vox’s new video breaks down why teams are shooting so many three-pointers, and why that could pose problems for the sport’s entertainment value.