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225 lenna

In today’s fast-paced, content-sharing culture, where images seemingly live forever in the form of memes and reshares, can anything ever truly die? The Pudding explores the history of the Lenna image, and questions the issues around image consent on the web.

225 pollution

Industrial facilities across the country emit hazardous air pollution every day. But how much is that pollution impacting our health? ProPublica analyzed 1,000 toxic hot spots and found that roughly 250,000 people living near them may be exposed to levels of excess cancer risk that the EPA deems unacceptable. Use their interactive map to see whether your community could be at risk.

225 taiwan

China’s desire to take control of Taiwan has escalated into gray-zone warfare as of late. And, according to many military strategists, the situation could play out in a number of ways. Reuters outlines six possible scenarios, from customs quarantines to an all-out invasion.

225 palm

Despite decades of resistance by climate activism, societal outcry, and warnings by climate scientists, palm oil plantations continue to devastate the climate through deforestation and make their way into products we consume globally, often without our knowledge. Can we control the damage caused by the world’s most pervasive form of tropical agriculture?