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227 fries

Why do we like certain types of fries more than others? From the good old waffle fry to your standard tater tot, this project explores the reasoning behind why certain fried potato shapes are better than others with the use of amazing graphic visualizations. The results may (or may not?) surprise you. Hint: It’s all about the fried ratio.

227 maternal

Why is it that one of the richest countries in the developed world has one of the highest maternal mortality rates? Here you can explore different factors such as race, region of living, environment, access to financial resources, and more. Usually, all of these factors snowball together to further the detrimental effects of the others. The real question is, what can we do to address this devastating disparity?

227 covid

For the last 12 months, Bloomberg has been tracking and ranking 53 countries around the world to see how they are faring during the pandemic. With a year’s worth of rankings in the books, one thing has become clear: past performance is no guarantee of future success. Only seven nations have continually stayed in the top half of the rankings, as countries juggled containment strategies, vaccine rollouts, and travel restrictions.

227 nasa

NASA plans to launch a spacecraft on Tuesday with a big goal in mind: to help defend the planet. The mission, operated by Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, will attempt to redirect the trajectory of an asteroid named Dimorphos by hitting it head-on with a small spacecraft. Even though Dimorphos doesn’t present any danger to Earth now, NASA wants to test this technique in case another asteroid comes close down the road.