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We helped Instacart create 2021 Delivered, an interactive microsite that examines grocery trends across more than 14,000 U.S. cities. Search for a city or enter your zip code, then see personalized insights about the types of things people around you were purchasing this year. Can you guess your hometown’s most distinctive grocery item, its favorite ice cream flavor, or its sister city?

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Postcards From a World on Fire Environment $ (Possible Paywall)

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Climate change has begun reshaping every part of our planet. Don’t believe it? This piece from The New York Times contains interactive “postcards” from all 193 countries across the globe, highlighting how climate change has impacted its communities.

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Heading into the 2022 midterm elections, Reuters asked 2,001 Democrats their opinions and priorities. On some points, like raising taxes for the wealthy and addressing climate change, Democrats are strongly aligned. But on others, the party is a bit more divided.

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Immigration to Europe has generally increased in recent years, as people across the globe flee political instability or seek out better economic opportunities. But how do Europeans perceive these newcomers and their impact? This project dives deep into the immigration issue in six European nations, to see how attitudes and perceptions differ across the continent.

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After a hot start to the season, Steph Curry now needs just six three-pointers to break Ray Allen’s record for most 3-pointers made in an NBA career. But unlike Allen, Reggie Miller, and other sharpshooters who came before him, Curry is poised to break the record at age 33, making him five years younger than Allen when he retired. It’s just one more indication of Curry’s otherworldly talent.