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For years, JBS — the world’s largest meatpacker and beef producer — has said that it has zero tolerance for rainforest deforestation. But a Bloomberg analysis of JBS’s delivery logs, which were accidentally posted online, shows that its supply chain still depends heavily on cattle that were born or raised on deforested land. It’s an eye-opening revelation.

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The eruption of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai — a submarine volcano in the South Pacific near Tonga — sent shock waves and tsunamis across the world last week. But just how big was the explosion? This article by Reuters takes satellite images of the event and superimposes them on land masses around the world, to give a more tangible sense of the magnitude.

Explaining GPS Technology

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Nowadays, GPS plays a major part in our daily lives. But have you ever wondered how it actually works? Bartosz Ciechanowski created this detailed interactive report to explain how a network of satellites helps GPS receivers determine where exactly we’re located.

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American workers are riding high right now, as wages continue to climb and open jobs abound. Today, just about anybody who wants a job can get one, especially in industries like manufacturing, mining, and wholesale trade. And it’s been young and less educated workers, who were hit hard at the beginning of the pandemic, seeing the largest wage gains recently. The Wall Street Journal breaks down these trends and more.

deepwork Culture

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Sure, the labor market may favor workers right now. But with more and more automated systems used to screen applicants, you may feel like you need a little boost to stand out. This (satirical) project from The Pudding gives you a range of options: from a “resume atelier” to a “profile picture studio” intended to give you an edge. It’s a funny, and slightly dystopian take, on what the hiring process might look like in 2030.