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236 sanctions

As the war in Ukraine enters its second week, countries around the world continue to apply major pressure on Russia. Great Britain, Japan, the EU, and the U.S. have all issued a bevy of economic sanctions against Russia, which have already torpedoed the ruble’s value and caused real economic pain. This tracker from Correctiv provides daily updates on all the 1,200+ sanctions other countries are imposing on people, companies, and institutions in Russia.

236 homes

An analysis of home purchases across 40 U.S. metro areas has revealed that real estate investors were active in 2021. Nearly one in seven homes sold in top cities were purchased by investors, with southern cities and Black neighborhoods disproportionately affected. Now Democratic lawmakers are taking notice.

236 flee

As the war between Russia and Ukraine intensifies, everyday Ukrainians are suffering. One million residents have already fled to neighboring countries, while the UN projects that number could climb to four million in the months ahead. In total, almost a quarter of Ukraine’s population could be rendered homeless by the war, making this the biggest single-country disruption since the Syrian refugee crisis.

236 biden

We’re a little over a year into President Biden’s first term, and Bloomberg is taking stock of his progress on multiple fronts. So far, we’ve seen global crises, legislative triumphs and setbacks, rising inflation, expanded public health care, and plenty of other developments. Check out some of the biggest storylines from Biden’s first year in office.

236 draft

The Pudding is back with another deep dive into the NBA draft, this time to evaluate which teams have the best (and worst) track record of picking the best available player at a given spot. Russell Goldenberg’s analysis proves something that we all know instinctually: drafting is hard. Even the very best GMs end up picking the wrong player about 80% of the time.