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As the Omicron variant fades into the rearview, many people are asking the same question: what’s next? As this piece from NYT Opinion explains, it’s likely we’ll see further mutation of the virus; scientists think there are nearly 2,000 other ways that SARS-CoV-2 could mutate and still attach to human cells. In a sense, we could be looking at a future similar to the seasonal flu, where cases ebb and flow and vaccines must be updated regularly.

Fleeing Ukraine Global Affairs

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As the war in Ukraine continues, the mounting refugee crisis has few modern precedents. As of March 29th, 3.9 million Ukranians have already fled their country; another 6.5 million have been relocated within Ukraine. That means nearly a quarter of the population has left or been displaced.

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If you’ve ever tried to sleep on the plane, you know this feeling: after 30 minutes of trial and error, you finally get comfortable, start to drift off, only to have your head bob forward and jolt you awake. But have you ever considered that there may be a better way? This project from The Washington Post walks through 24 different sleeping positions on a plane, along with a few surprising reader submissions.

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Teachers across the United States are struggling to make ends meet. A report from the Economic Policy Institute shows that teachers are paid 20% less than their peers with similar levels of education and are three times more likely to have a second job. This analysis from Jeremy Ney — part of his series on American Inequality — highlights the areas of the U.S. where the issue is most acute.

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Colors in data viz can be tricky. Thankfully, there are plenty of resources online to help you make informed decisions, like this one by Datawrapper’s Lisa Charlotte Muth. This guide digs deep into the color considerations around data viz style guides — how many colors to include, the sentiment those colors convey, and issues around things like cultural associations, accessibility, and dark mode.