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242 roe

A draft opinion from Justice Samuel Alito leaked last week, suggesting that the Supreme Court may be preparing to overturn Roe vs. Wade. According to the The Washington Post, this would have major implications for women of childbearing age to receive an abortion; over 50% of women live in states where their right to the procedure would be imperiled.

242 milwaukee

If you look around Milwaukee, you’ll see homes built in all sorts of different styles: bungalows, cottages, duplexes, Cape Cods, Colonials, Tudor. But it’s not just the styles themselves that form the story, but the way in which they are arranged; Milwaukee’s housing patterns reflect how historical events like immigration, war, and civil rights shaped the city. Using a database from the City Assessor’s Office, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel maps the architectural style of Milwaukee’s nearly 130,000 homes.

242 covid

Last week, COVID’s impact in the United States reached a new milestone: 1 million deaths. It’s a hard number to fathom, surpassing the amount of Americans killed during WWI, WWII, and the U.S. Civil War. Axios tries to put the milestone in perspective with an interactive viz that also serves as an ode to the lives lost.

242 formula

We’re five rounds into the 2022 Formula 1 season and already we’re seeing a major shakeup from years past. Mercedes — the dominant constructor since 2014 — is well behind the top teams, while former bottom dwellers appear to be catching up. As The New York Times shows, that’s in large part due to a slew of major rule changes that dictate how Formula 1 cars are designed and built.