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247 markets

The financial markets got off to a rough start in 2022, and have only gotten worse since. Since 1960, the S&P 500 has had just two years where first-half losses were greater than this year’s 21% drop. The Wall Street Journal delves into recent data to show how growth stocks, bonds, and crypto have all been routed.

247 srilanka

Sri Lanka is in the midst of an economic crisis, and it's only getting worse. The country is facing a mounting debt burden, a widening trade deficit, and a currency crisis. This infographic from Visual Capitalist breaks down the string of decisions that led Sri Lanka to the brink of disaster.

247 carbon

Many consumers are already altering their diets to reduce their climate impact. But without clearer labeling on store-bought products, those efforts can all be for naught. Some countries like Denmark are now considering a mandate of “carbon labeling,” which would help people better understand the amount of carbon emissions needed to produce the things they buy.

247 gas

As many Americans hit the road for July 4th weekend, the sticker shock of high gas prices was nearly unavoidable. But while gas prices hit record highs in June, they were still lower than those in other nations like France, Canada, China, and Britain. The Washington Post talks to people around the world to see how high gas prices are affecting their lives.

247 streaming

Streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora have made listening to music much easier for the average consumer. But do you understand the business model by which these platforms operate? In this piece for The Pudding, Elio Quinton breaks down the means by which and artist gets paid — and the ways in which other parties get their cut.