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252 queen

Queen Elizabeth passed away last Thursday, after 70 years on the British throne. As is customary, the queen’s first born son — King Charles III — now succeeds her as Britain's next monarch. This piece from The Washington Post outlines Queen Elizabeth’s full family tree, to show who came before her and who might rise to the throne next.

252 china

For more than 70 days this summer, a brutal heatwave ravaged China, with sustained temperatures reaching 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It affected more than 900 million people in 17 provinces, with the worst impact in the Yangtze River Basin. The extreme weather has exacerbated an extreme drought in the country’s southern region, after electricity production and water supply.

252 migration patterns

When people transition from childhood to young adulthood, what areas of the U.S. do they migrate to? How does a child’s hometown impact where they end up? This project from Policy Impacts is intended to explore these questions, using a newly constructed dataset showing migration patterns among young adults in the U.S.

252 baby names

When major hurricanes hit the U.S., they can have repercussions that extend beyond just physical property damage. In fact, an analysis by Axios’s Nicki Camberg shows that parents are less likely to choose a name that matches a deadly hurricane in the years after it makes landfall. 83% fewer babies were named Katrina, for instance, in 2015 than 2005.

252 marvel

This tool from Tristan Guillevin will help you explore the Marvel Cinematic Universe like never before. Each character is connected to movies they appear in, allowing you to see connections between your favorite heroes and villains based on whether they shared the screen together. Use the viz to sift through 23 movies spanning over fifteen years.