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California has been pummeled by a string of punishing storm systems over the last few weeks. And while all the precipitation has helped several of the state’s reservoirs inch closer to their capacity, it hasn’t made up for years of ongoing drought. The last three years have been among the driest on record and, as this article from NYT shows us, that likely won’t be reversed anytime soon.

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When Credit Suisse, Sam Bankman-Fried, and Indian billionaire Gautam Adani were recently looking to raise capital, where did they turn? To the Middle East, of course. As many investors and lenders have tightened their belts, the region’s sovereign wealth funds have been bankrolling some of the biggest deals and acquisitions across the globe. This article from Bloomberg charts the Middle East’s growing influence in capital markets.

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The Lunar New Year kicked off yesterday, a 16-day holiday celebrated in numerous Asian countries and cultures. Loved ones gather to enjoy a variety of dishes, often around a rotating turntable colloquially referred to as a “lazy Susan.” Check out this piece from Taiwan Data Stories to find out about nine essential Lunar New Year dishes and what each symbolizes.

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Another week of NFL playoff games, another week of exciting, edge-of-your-seat finishes. Yesterday’s games follow a rollercoaster season, which saw the Packers, Rams, and Titans spiral down the stretch, while the Bengals, Jaguars and Giants surged late. Axios charts how several key teams’ playoff odds shifted throughout the season.