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China has long been at the center of Apple’s heralded supply chain, as nearly 80% of the company’s manufacturing partners have a footprint in the country. But as US-China tensions escalate, other countries like India and Vietnam have emerged as new hubs for Apple’s production sites over the last 10 years. As Bloomberg shows, changes like these threaten to push up prices for Apple’s vast consumer base.

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Eight Republican candidates took the stage last week in Milwaukee for the first presidential debate of the primaries. And although former president Donald Trump declined to participate, there were still plenty of fireworks and heated exchanges. A poll from The Washington Post found that likely GOP voters thought Ron DeSantis performed best — one of the few participants who stayed out of the fray.

278 moon

Decades after the United States and Soviet Union first sprinted to land a man on the moon, the space race has been revived. Last week, India became the first country to land a spacecraft on the moon’s south pole and China now plans to land astronauts on the moon’s surface by the end of the decade. Reuters takes you through the timeline of recent lunar missions.

278 towns

When it comes to political allegiances in America, many people tend to assume small towns and rural areas are one in the same: both bastions of conservatism. In fact, an analysis by The Washington Post of 2020 voting patterns found that small towns tended to vote for Trump, but his margin of victory was roughly 12 points lower than in rural places. It’s an interesting consideration as we head into next year’s election.

278 rent

Data from the American Community Survey shows that over two-thirds of households in America (68%) own their home. But that number varies widely from states like Maine (80%) to Washington D.C. (less 50%). And it also differs based on the number of bedrooms in the house. FlowingData’s Nathan Yau gives us some interesting charts to consider.