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ICYMI: Find out the best places to trick-or-treat tonight using Instacart’s “Scare Score.” It’s a proprietary metric that combines candy, costume, and decor purchasing behavior to rank the best zip codes for trick-or-treating. Based on our research, Utah and Texas have plenty of Halloween spirit.

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What’s killing the jump scare? Culture $ (Possible Paywall)

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Today is Halloween, which means you may be in the mood to watch a scary movie. But if you’re hoping to watch a movie that features plenty of “jump scares” — where slamming doors, sudden attacks, or other startling moments make viewers jump — you might be better served watching an older movie. That's because an analysis by The Washington Post shows that jump scares have actually been declining in movies since 2014.

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Walt Disney Studios turns 100 this year, marking a century of incredible creativity and innovation. But with the stock price at a nine-year low, can Disney recapture the magic and set the company back on the right track? This piece from Reuters reflects on Disney’s impact within the world of animated films and looks ahead to the next chapter.

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As President Biden mounts his reelection campaign, the state of the U.S. economy figures to be critical. A recent poll from Morning Consult shows that most voters in seven swing states think the economy is the single most important issue in the 2024 election. And in those same states, voters tend to trust Trump more than Biden to handle the economy well.

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Each year, the Federal Reserve’s Survey of Consumer Finances asks Americans questions about their assets, debts, and net worth. And each year, the net worth of those at the top is still staggering. Use this interactive from Flowing Data Nathan Yau to see how your net worth stacks up against people in your age group.

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The popularity of certain genres on Spotify has evolved dramatically since 2016. Partially that’s because Spotify is now available in more countries than ever, including India, South Korea, and Nigeria. But it’s also a reflection of the shifting tastes that have made certain regional genres — like reggaeton and k-pop — more popular globally. The Pudding dives into the data.