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Ever wonder if you’re overpaying for health care services? If you’ve ever encountered the American health care system, chances are you have. Our newest project — built in collaboration with Health Care Cost Institute — draws on data from millions of insurance claims to tell you the typical cost of over 400 “care bundles” in major metros across the US. It’s an important step towards making health care pricing more transparent.

Our Favorite Stuff

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On January 10th, the SEC approved the first US-listed exchange traded funds (ETFs) to track bitcoin. It represents a watershed moment for the crypto community, who viewed a Bitcoin ETF as an important onramp for the investing public. Axios takes a look back at the meandering process we took to get here.

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Last week, Donald Trump dominated the Iowa caucuses en route to winning the first primary of the 2024 election cycle. Trump picked up the most votes in evangelical areas, among lower income households, and with less educated voters. The Washington Post reviews the results to see where Trump did best — and what it might mean for the primaries ahead.

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According to data from Pew Research Center, roughly 12% of all restaurants in the US serve Asian food. Of those, seven-in-ten restaurants serve food from one of just three Asian origin groups: Chinese, Japanese, and Thai. Pew looks at data from SafeGraph to see how Asian restaurants are distributed, and why some groups are so underrepresented.

From-To Technology

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Here’s a product that offers a creative way to learn about new cities. When you type in the name of your home city and a city that you’re traveling to, From-To draws connections between neighborhoods that have a similar landscape or culture. The tool is built on top of OpenAI’s API, representing another interesting example of AI applications.