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68 College

Last weekend was the opening weekend of the college football season and featured a slate of top 25 teams in action. But where do the best teams find their talent? We charted the location of more than 60,000 college football recruits since 2002 to show where each Division I program has historically recruited its players.

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68 Campaign

People know that money plays a major role in American elections. Still, it’s staggering that over two-thirds of individual contributions to candidates in 2018’s House elections have come from outside the candidate’s district. Democrats are providing these out-of-district donations at a higher rate than Republicans according to Axios’s analysis of FEC data.

68 Temp

We’ve seen a few visualizations on rising global temperatures recently, but this one might take the cake. This NYT interactive allows you to see global warming’s impact on your hometown, and how that compares the rest of the globe. Cities like New York haven’t seen much change in the last two decades, but the same can’t be said for other major cities worldwide.

68 Soccer

A collaboration between The Economist, Siemens, and FC Bayern has resulted in an impressive new way to experience sporting events. By measuring the volume of fans’ cheering, the team was able to generate a 3D visualization of the sound in each of the stadium’s sections throughout the game. Watch the Bayern Munich’s section rise as the home team scores, and fall silent when TSG ties it up in the second half. Exciting to see how data can reimagine the way we experience the world.

68 Rd

Global R&D spending has hit an all-time high and is poised to continue growing. South Korea and Israel lead the pack in terms of R&D spend as a share of GDP, while Asia’s spend is accelerating fastest as a region. Find out how your country stacks up against other global players, and how exactly its R&D budget is being put to use.