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73 Dande

Last Friday marked the one-year anniversary of the New York Times’s investigative report detailing allegations against Harvey Weinstein. This project from Valentina D’Efilippo and Lucia Kocincova commemorates what that report gave rise to: the birth of the #MeToo movement. Using six-month’s worth of Twitter data, they analyze the people and discussions at the heart of 2018’s biggest cultural moment.

73 Air

International travel isn’t as simple as going from point A to B. Turns out that on long, international flights, airlines are often subject to airspace regulations imposed by countries along the flight path. Some countries, like Russia and China, may restrict access to just a few airlines and many others charge an “airspace fee” based on distance traveled. This often leads airlines to take circuitous routes to avoid additional cost.

73 Trump

In an effort to put an end to China’s “unfair trade policies”, President Trump has been imposing a slew of tariffs on Chinese goods since January. His moves have not gone unnoticed in Beijing. China -- along with Mexico, Canada, and the EU -- have imposed their own tariffs on the import of key American products. And as this analysis from the New York Times shows, these tariffs are having an outsized impact on Trump’s political base.

73 Cdc

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is generally regarded as the authoritative source for data on American health trends. Yet there might be a chink in the agency’s armor according to a new analysis by FiveThirtyEight and The Trace. It seems that the CDC’s estimates on gun injuries are radically different from those provided by other databases, raising the possibility that many journalists and academics have been quoting misleading numbers for some time.

73 Flowing

And right after bashing the CDC’s data quality… we give you a project featuring CDC data. It’s the latest from Nathan Yau, who used info from the CDC’s annual health report to track causes of death from 1999 to 2016. One disconcerting trend: death by intentional self-harm (i.e. suicide) is clearly on the rise across age groups.