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The popularity of documentaries like “Blackfish” and “The Cove” have sparked public debate over whether whales and dolphins should be held in captivity. Amber Thomas and our friends over at The Pudding dig into the numbers to explain the the rise in captive cetaceans in the 1970’s and the dramatic fall as of late. Make sure to check out this awesome visualization.

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Jane Austen’s six novels continue to be read, studied, and cherished over 200 years after her death. Kathleen Flynn and Josh Katz from The Upshot sought to understand why she remains such a literary mainstay. They analyzed her word choice relative to 127 other British novels of her era to uncover how her style predated many modern fictional writing techniques.

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Need a quick briefing on the G-20 Summit? Bloomberg breaks down the hottest topics from last week’s meeting and the stance that major world leaders took on each of them.

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New York City’s population reached an all-time high in 2016, topping over 8.5 million people. Using census data, The NYC Planning Lab created this interactive visualization to illustrate the demographic groups that are moving into and out of New York City. Spoiler: younger, more educated people are immigrating to NYC in droves.