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102 Baseball

In case you missed it: Sam Vickars published his first original piece on The DataFace last week, showing why no two MLB ballparks are alike. He used Google Earth and aerial imagery to trace the outline of every field and create a stunning visual tour of all 30 stadiums. It’s a must-read for every baseball fan.

Our Favorite Stuff

102 Parametric

Last week, The Parametric Press published its first issue examining “scientific and technological phenomena that stand to shape society at large.” It’s an impressive first effort and includes interactive articles on topics like machine learning, particle physics, and fair housing. The articles are built atop Idyll and all code is open-sourced.

102 Health

Our diets and our planet are inextricably tied. The world’s food system is responsible for about one-fourth of the greenhouse gases that humans produce according to recent research. So what can we do to lower our carbon footprint? As this interactive guide from NYT shows, it comes down to eating less meat and more plants or switching from beef to chicken.

Going Gray Culture

102 Gray

Japan’s population is aging. About 28% of people in Japan are 65 or older, a figure that is expected to grow to more than 35% in the coming decades. This demographic shift is putting pressure on Japan’s social infrastructure, as the labor force shrinks and tax revenues dwindle. Reuters digs into what it means for Japan and other nations on the cusp of a similar shift.

102 Flowing

We know that people in their teens and early 20s tend to switch jobs more often than those further along in their career. But what jobs are younger people switching into? And what occupations do people still seek out in their 40s, 50s, and 60s? That’s the focus of Nathan Yau’s new piece, which uses data from the Current Population Survey to find the peak age for switching by occupation.