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221 divide

Recent analysis from The Washington Post further confirms the efficacy of the Covid vaccine. As the delta wave continues to sweep across the United States, a clear division is being drawn between counties with high vaccination rates and low vaccination rates. Those with more vaccinations have seen lower hospitalization rates; counties with fewer vaccinations have seen much higher hospitalization rates.

221 gap

Bloomberg is tracking the economic recovery from Covid-19 in minority communities across the country, and their most recent report uncovers cause for concern. Across America, Black and Hispanic communities are seeing a weaker recovery than predominantly White communities. And some of the largest metro areas — such as New York, Chicago, Houston and Washington, D.C. — saw the widest gaps between June and August.

221 tos

When signing up for a new app or website, do you take the time to read the complete terms of service (ToS)? If you’re like 97% of people, chances are you don’t. And that’s no surprise, considering even the shortest terms of service for popular apps are typically a few thousand words long. This graphic from Visual Capitalist shows how long it would take you to read the ToS for apps like Facebook, Spotify, and Netflix assuming you read at 240 words per minute.

221 pollution

Air pollution accounts for an estimated 7 million premature deaths per year. And even though it’s a global problem, the effects of air pollution are felt most acutely in developing countries and among women and children. These interactive charts from the UN Environment Programme display the global state of air pollution and track policies that countries are putting in place to combat it.