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238 signs

Starting in the 1960s, the New York City government instituted a program giving official Chinese names to streets in the heart of Chinatown. Yet, as the Chinese population in Chinatown has started to shrink in the 21st century, bilingual street signs have also dwindled. This New York Times article dives into the history and the pullback of the program.

238 temp

Ever wonder when the most recent record-high temperature was registered in the United States? Look no further than this interactive map from The Pudding, which uses daily temperature records from ACIS to check. As of today (March 28th), Borger, TX was the last place to break a daily heat record just 40 days ago.

238 godfather

The Godfather — the iconic mafia film based on a book by Mario Puzo — turned 50 earlier this month. The film was both a blockbuster hit and darling of critics, one of the few movies to be both the highest grossing film and Oscar winner for best picture in the same year. Reuters breaks down the story behind some of The Godfather’s most innovative features.

238 power

Over the next few decades, the world will build trillions of watts of solar and wind power to fuel a shift towards clean energy. And yet, access to clean energy is still massively concentrated; the world’s five biggest economies are home to less than half the global population, but possess about two-thirds of the world’s solar panels and wind turbines. Bloomberg breaks down the ways in which we can solve the unequal distribution of solar and wind.